sexy Italian girl about to drink her own piss from a bowl

VR Foot Fetish Girl Tries Drinking Her Own Piss For First Time

A beautiful Italian foot fetish model is persuaded to drink her own piss for the very first time – and you can watch it in VR!

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What happens when a beautiful softcore foot fetish model is asked to drink piss for the very first time in her life? Her very own piss, and a lot of it too, from a large bowl? You will find out in this super kinky and super erotic video from a VR foot worship studio. The long legged beauty wearing nylons and stilettos is asked to drink over a litre of water and then hold her piss in for an hour. As she poses on the sofa and teases you with her beautiful legs and feet, she finds the urge to piss can no longer be contained. The VR porn director hands her a large bowl, and she gratefully pisses into it, a huge stream of beautiful golden pee that almost fills it entirely. Now is the real test. The VR porn dude asks her to sip from the bowl. She is nervous, and a little embarassed that you are watching in VR, but also a little curious and horny as well. She starts to sip, and finds that the taste is better than she expected. She sips more, until she is pouring the heavenly liquid straight down her throat. You get real close to her in VR, almost close enough to lick up any splashes from the bowl as she drains it fully!