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Two stunning young beauties, with near perfect nubile bodies, engage in some of the most erotic studio based piss play you can experience in virtual reality. Put on your headset and feel as though you are almost between these two beauties as the uninhibited pair of piss sluts start fully clothed as they lick each other’s pussies as foreplay, quickly followed by the initial piss play. These babes look so clean and elegant at the start of this video, but by the end their clothes are entirely drenched in urine, and their mouths are literally spitting out piss. The full 4K VR video has just about everything you would want to experience in virtual reality with these two girls, including the sluts sucking on piss soaked clothes and spitting piss into each other’s thirsty mouths!

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You’re strolling along a country path when you come across an amazing sight – two beautiful young blonde women are kissing and touching each other. Your cock immediately grows hard and you can’t help staring – but the girls get such a shock when they see you! You are a dirty voyeur, but that’s o.k., because these girls are even dirtier. Especially their love of drinking girl piss. And now they are going to treat you to the best VR piss voyeur show you’ve ever seen!

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A nasty tattoed slut drinks her own piss straight from a glass. First she teases in a pair of skimpy denims, unable to hold her piss in. That only turns her on even more, and she takes off her shorts and licks the urine from it whilst fingering her wet pussy. There is still more piss to be had from her sweet pussy for this thirsty slut, and she pees into a glass in order to gladly drink the golden contents.

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