Claudia Macc 07

Claudia Mac Spreads Her Legs And Lets A Stream Of Piss Fly Into Your Face

Hope you’ve got a dry towel besides you, because Claudia Mac really needs to pee, and she’s going to sit opposite you on the sofa as she lets a stream of her beautiful urine fly into your face!

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Claudia Mac is a thirsty girl, and that’s why she’s always in desperate need for a pee. Luckily, you know just when to be around when she needs to go. And if there is no toilet available, she’s more than willing to use your face and throat as her personal piss bucket. So settle back and strap on your VR headset, because golden girl Claudia Mac is going to spread her legs and let fly a stream of heavenly pee aiming towards your thirsty throat!