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Two pretty young Czech girls are chilling in an apartment, when suddenly the urge overwhelms both of them to engage in some kinky piss fun. They both lift up their cute miniskirts to reveal naked, hairless pussies without panties. The urine starts to flow out of both of their sweet little snatches. One of the girls drinks from the other’s pussy. Then she has an even better idea – she fetches a wine glass and fills it to the brim with her friend’s golden liquid! The saucy young maiden then drinks a little from the cup, before pouring some of the delightful yellow nectar over the nubile breasts of the other piss crazy slut. The pee fun doesn’t end there, as both girls take turns to empty the last streams of their piss into one another’s thirsty mouths. Then the two enjoy some mutual lesbian vibrator fun on each other’s wet piss soaked pussies!

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A hardcore Czech piss slut treats you to a golden stream of her beautiful urine in this stunning outdoor VR pee movie. The babe teases you by letting you upskirt her and feast on first the sight of her panties above you, and then her naked snatch. You have to wait for the stream of heaven to come out of that sweet pussy…but not for long! Feel your face splashed and soaked with her delicious pee, as you try to lick and catch the golden rain falling down upon you. This horny girl must have drank liters before the video, because the shower never seems to end, which I’m sure, will be to your and every real piss addict’s delight! 5K VR piss porn featuring the lovely young Czech girl Lara Fox.

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Filmed in 5K+ virtual reality on a baking hot summer’s day, two slutty young Czech women were captured fooling around in their garden. They were getting so hot in the sun, as well as at the sight of each other’s nubile bodies. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for us, there was no pool around to cool off in. So like most Czech girls, this sexy pair decided on the next best thing – cooling themselves off by pissing on each other’s naked bodies!

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Gorgeous brunette Julia Parker is attending an important interview. Giving the interview is hot blonde Victoria Pure. They both know that Julia has the skills for the job, but there is something extra that she must have to make her stand out from all the other candidates. That’s the ability to both put out a tasty stream of golden urine on demand, as well as a thirst for drinking sweet piss herself. As Julia discovers to her delight, Julia is a total piss drinking slut, and the two spend most of the interview licking each other’s pussies and then drinking the piss that flows from them in turn!

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